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From Snow Cones to Cocktails — We Have Your Ice

Southwest Ice Company in Fort Worth, Texas, sells 300 lb. ice blocks, 11 lbs. of shaved ice for snow cones, and 10 or 20 lb. bags of cocktail ice. If you need ice regularly, we have routes delivering both weekly and bi-weekly. We also offer emergency services to restaurants and other commercial businesses, so you'll never run out of ice. Our customers include:

 » Private Residences
 » Bakeries
 » Golf Courses

» Airports
» Government Entities
» Green Energy Projects
» Convenience Stores
» Hospitals
» Hotels and Resorts

 » Churches
 » Schools
 » Special Events

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 » Sporting Events
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Alcoholic Drink

Cocktail Ice

We take great pride in our ice, using only quality water purified through reverse osmosis. We've also perfected how to make the cubes last longer and have found the ideal color and shape for your drinks—perfectly clear, cylindrical cubes. Want to know how many pounds you need to fill your cooler? We've got that covered, too. All you have to think about is what type of cool, refreshing beverages you will be serving.

Block Ice

Our block ice comes to you crystal clear. They are super dense, structurally solid slabs of pure ice and range in size from 10 lbs. to 300 lbs. each. Whether you are looking for a long-lasting chunk of ice for its exceptional cooling power, or need a perfectly transparent block for sculpting, our block ice will meet your needs.

Temporary Coolers

Is the power out or your refrigerator broken and you need to temporarily store perishable goods? We can help you keep your items cold while you find a solution to your cooling problem. If you need to ship refrigerated items such as produce or flowers, we can provide the ice needed for transportation, too.

Dry Ice

Make your home the scariest on the block this Halloween with our dry ice. It makes the perfect ghostly atmosphere!  Dry ice is also ideal for medical transportation, as it keeps things colder longer than block ice or cubes.